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The Art of Listening: Salomé Voegelin (EN)

What does it mean to listen and how do we listen? In this lecture, Salomé Voegelin will approach these questions from her experience as an artist and writer engaged in listening as a socio-political practice of sound.

Listening to audible and inaudible sounds

This lecture by Salomé Voegelin will explore the aesthetic and political possibility of listening to audible and inaudible sound. We will start by considering how listening grants us access to the invisible slices of the world and discuss how the heard offers another point of view, an alternative perspective on how things are, producing new ideas on how they could be and how we could live in a sonic possible world. Through listening to sound art works and musical pieces we go on to contemplate how these invisible sonic slices of possibility also hint at other, as yet inaudible and thus impossible sounds: that which might also sound but which for physiological, ideological, social and political, and for reasons of taste and preference we cannot or do not want to hear. We will discuss the inaudible not in opposition to the audible but as an extension of its audibility: what else might sound if only we had the ability, will and wherewhitall to hear it; and we will consider its inaudibility as an aesthetic and a political impossibility: at once challenging aesthetic norms and conventions and questioning the limits of a political reality.

17 nov, 2016 12:30   tot   13:30