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The Art of Listening: Marc Leman (EN)

Wat is dat eigenlijk, luisteren? En hóe luisteren we precies? In deze lezing benadert Marc Leman deze vragen vanuit zijn ervaring als onderzoeker in de systematische musicologie en directeur van het Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music.

In this lecture Marc Leman will explain how listening is a form of expressive interaction with music. Listening therefore implies not only perception, but also action. Listening can be seen as a form of interaction that is based on expression. The expressive moment in music is that point in time when we grasp a situation and respond quickly, even before we are aware of it. Leman argues that music drives this kind of interactive expressions. Based on examples (audio, video), he will show how expressive interactions with music can be energizing and empowering. The talk will be based on his new book, 'The expressive moment: how interaction (with music) shapes human empowerment'.

15 dec, 2016 12:30   tot   13:30