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The Art of Listening: Aernoudt Jacobs (EN)

Aernoudt Jacobs is geluidskunstenaar en artistiek leider van Overtoon, een Brussels platform voor geluidskunst. Zijn werk ontstaat vanuit akoestisch onderzoek en gaat na hoe geluiden en fenomenen kunnen leiden tot geluidsprocessen die de aandacht en de ervaringswereld van de toeschouwer kunnen raken.

Hearing is Seeing is Feeling

Sound has the unique property of traveling through air, solids and liquids. Because of this, sound occupies a very peculiar place in human perception.

First, it allows wave / timbre / conductive perception of reality. The wave propagation of sound is well-known (e.g., sound through loudspeakers). We can also differentiate the physical and particular source of a sound (e.g., a familiar voice, cultural differences within the tone of a voice or raindrops on a window). Underwater hearing is typically achieved by bone conduction and this palpably demonstrates that hearing affects the body as well as the ear.

Secondly, it is also a sense which allows an all-round and three-dimensional perception without any visual input.

We can conclude from these observations that the process of hearing is a connecting mode of perception, it complements and overlaps both the domain of seeing and feeling.

In this lecture, Aernoudt Jacobs will focus on how the perception of sounds has influenced his work. He will also talk about his research into the co-relations between sound, mass, space, location, perception and psychoacoustics.

16 mrt, 2017 12:30   tot   13:30