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Transpoesie (EN)

Transpoesie is a true Babelian poetry festival. Poets from all over Europe will read verses aloud in their own language. Immerse yourself in the abundance of languages and literary talent Europe has to offer.

Be part of the celebration of diversity of European languages at Transpoesie, a unique poetry reading event. Eight poets from different European countries readi verses in their own languages. Translations of the poems will be projected simultaneously in Dutch, English and French.  


Juanjo OLASAGARRE MENDINUETA (Basque Country, Spain) studied psychology and returned to poetry after publishing award-winning novels and theatre plays.

Vónbjørt VANG (Faroe Islands) will raise the spirits with her lyrical prose poems about decline, giving expression to the great light and beauty of death.

Madara GRUNTMANE (Latvia) changed her career as a pianist to a successful cultural project manager. She brings to you poetry from her second volume as well, freshly published in 2018.

Tom NISSE (Luxembourg) is active in the organization of various artistic events, collaborates with artists of all disciplines and creates visual poetry.

Jakub KORNHAUSER (Poland) is a poet, essayist and translator who is focused on avant-garde literature. Next to being an editor of several periodicals and editorial series, he founded the Centre of Studies of the Avant-Garde at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

Ștefan MANASIA (Romania) is passionate about cinema, biology, history, the archeology of anxiety and the alchemy of horror. His (meta) poetic credo is: “Man, this mystic bug.”

Stanka HRASTELJ (Slovenia) has won the title of Poet Knight in a poetry tournament. She hosts literary readings and is an enthusiastic designer of unique clayware.

Kaan Murat YANIK (Turkey) worked as an editor and consultant in different publishing houses and he produced and delivered programs on culture and art for various television channels.

Transpoesie is a poetry festival organized since 2011 by EUNIC Brussels, the European Union National Institutes for Culture. The full program of the festival and the biographies of the participants as well as pictures and videos are on www.transpoesie.eu.

NL - Proef van de bonte veelheid aan talen en literair talent die Europa te bieden heeft. Acht internationale dichters lezen voor uit hun werk in de originele taal. Vertalingen in het Nederlands, Engels en Frans krijg je er zo maar bij.

FR - Des poètes de toute l'Europe déclament des vers dans leur propre langue, avec traduction en néerlandais, anglais et français. Échantillon de la multitude hétéroclite de langues et de talents littéraires que l'Europe a à offrir. Huit poètes internationaux lisent leur œuvre à voix haute dans la langue originale.

04 okt, 2018 20:00   tot   21:30
Munt 6
1000, Brussel
Telefoon: 02 278 11 11