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Women and Science: El Enigma Agustina

Dit evenement is jammer genoeg volzet. Je kan je inschrijven voor de wachtlijst en je wordt meteen verwittigd vanaf wanneer er een plaats vrijkomt.
'El enigma de Agustina' is a 2018 documentary about Agustina Ruiz Dupont, a fictional Spanish scientist that fought to break her way into the male-dominated scientific community of her time (1900 - 1930). The film is followed by a round table discussion about the topic 'Women in Science: past, present, and future', with the leading actors in attendance.

The CEBE is committed to support and increase the visibility of women in science. The organisation strives to motivate the debate about the historical difficulties that women have been facing to find their place in the scientific world, a mainly male-dominated field until almost the end of the 20th century.

The movie 'El enigma de Agustina' approaches this topic from a historical point of view. The film was shot in several locations (Granada, Paris, and Madrid), and addresses some of the most relevant scientific findings during the 20th century, particularly in fields like relativity, quantum mechanics, and cosmology.

Moreover, the story allows everyone to get a closer look at the modern history of Spain. It shows the period of science innovation and discoveries that granted the name of “The Silver Age of Spanish Science”. All of these were achieved through the work of associations like “Junta de Ampliación de Estudios” or scientists such as Blas Cabrera, Julio Palacios, Enrique Moles José Castillejo o Felisa Martín Bravo.

The event will start with the film followed by a round table debate about the topic 'Women in Science: past, present, and future'. The debate will be chaired by the leading actors, Manuel González and Natalia Ruiz Zelmanovitch.

12 apr, 2019 18:30   tot   22:00
Munt 6
1000, Brussel
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