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Master Your Media: silhouette stories (EN)

Sadrie Alves shares her process of developing silhouettes with analog and digital techniques. How can drawing silhouettes open up multiple narratives and interpretations? Join this masterclass, to talk and draw with the talented Sadrie. She provides extra tips on art and life.

"There’s something powerful about silhouettes that contain narratives open to multiple interpretations"

The basic structure of an image is its contour. Sadrie shares a part of her process of developing ornamental silhouettes with analog and digital techniques. Inspired by simple to complex designs, she experiments with translating and expressing feelings to decorative shapes. Aesthetic and presence are combined to create an image that opens up multiple narratives and interpretations. Join this masterclass, to talk and draw with her! She also provides extra practical tips on how to shape art and life. 

Visual artist and freelance illustrator, Sadrie Alves (BR/BE) moved from Brasília to Antwerp to pursue her passion for drawing. Sadrie graduated recently at Sint Lucas Antwerp where she received a MA in Visual Arts and finished top of her class. Following that, she worked as an illustration intern under the supervision of Charlotte Dumortier. Sadrie currently works on playful comissions and engaging collaborations. At the same time, she further explores new visual paths through her personal work. She is mostly inspired by archetypes and oral stories.

20 mei, 2021 19:00   tot   20:30
Telefoon: 02 278 11 11